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Our Process

ReloStrategy approaches each project from the client’s point-of-view. We understand that no two projects are alike. We tailor our services to fit your particular needs taking into consideration your company’s objectives, budget, culture and staff expertise. We work to guarantee expectations are not just met, but exceeded. We take great pride in becoming not just your partner, but a member of your team.

Partnership is woven throughout all we do – not just with our clients, but with our vendors as well. Since we often oversee the vendor selection process, we take a non-biased approach to choosing the best vendor for your move. We pre-qualify every vendor that we consider, and only select those consistent with your needs and standards. ReloStrategy represents your best interest and passes along all offered discounts or refunds directly to you.

We believe this attention to detail and emphasis on collaboration is the best way to serve our clients and ensure a successful relocation.